Referral Competition

What's This About?

We're starting a competition where you can win $100! ENDS MONDAY, MAY 14!

We were awarded $10,000 from LaunchU to fund Virtu.Academy (the very site you're on now), our new start-up music service. We designed a platform to deliver high quality, private music lessons from Oberlin and Juilliard students through our video chat software. Our goal is to make high-quality music education accessible to everyone! Now we're trying to expand to as many schools as possible and need your help!

We're having a competition among conservatory students to reach out to schools across the country. We want you to reach out to your old middle and high school band/orchestra/choir directors that you think would be interested in our program. Whoever gets the most music directors to try out the platform will get $100!


Fill out the contact form and we will send you a promo code and flyer specific to you! You will be able to give your music directors a promo code for their students to try a free lesson. When one of your music directors sign up their first student for a free lesson, you get one point. Whoever has the most points on Monday, May 14 at 11:59pm EST will receive $100.

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EMAIL templates:

Want some help with emailing? The more personalized your email is, the better chance you will get a response.

Check out this template:

Hi [insert name],

Some Oberlin students have worked with Oberlin to form a new business out of the college's start-up accelerator to launch a service designed to deliver high quality, private music lessons, to students who wouldn't otherwise take them due to time commitment or cost.

It's called Virtu.Academy and provides an HD video interface for students to study with talented Oberlin and Juilliard musicians, and it is only $19 per lesson.

I am currently trying to reach out to band directors I know. I want to give [name of school] band program a set of free lessons to a few students that you feel would benefit. You or any of your students can use the code [PROMO CODE] at checkout for a free 30 minute lesson.

If you have a 10 minutes to chat, I'd love to put you in contact with the founders so they can give you more info. Also, you can go to the educator's page to set up a time to talk with them and see how it works.

Feel free to either schedule a free lesson using [PROMO CODE] set up a time to talk with them.





Email us at: or click the chat button on the right hand corner of your screen.