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Kelsey Burnham

Classical Flute.

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Hey! My name is Kelsey Burnham. I'm currently a fifth year at Oberlin Conservatory studying flute, both classical and historical performance. I'm entering my 10th year of playing and have been very fortunate to be a part of many wonderful ensembles and perform in various places such as Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, D.C., and, my home, Baltimore. An alum of Baltimore School for the Arts and the Peabody Preparatory Tuned-In program, I spent my time in high school teaching elementary and middle school aged flutists through the Baltimore Symphony Orchkids Program. 

I feel comfortable teaching students of any age or skill level, and find teaching to be very exciting and a learning experience for both the student and me. I look forward to teaching you!


  • Teacher for Baltimore Symphony Orchkids Program
  • Performances in Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, and D.C.

Virtu.Academy connects you or your child with musicians from Oberlin and Juilliard for live, online music lessons.

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