Welcome to Virtu.Academy

Step 2:

  • Send an email to hello@virtu.academy with the following:

    • Full name

    • Bio that you would like us to post on the website. Try to target this towards middle-high school kids and parents (they probably won’t know the amazing people that you’ve done masterclasses with).

    • A horizontal headshot (view examples here).

STEp 3:

  • Share your calendar with hello@virtu.academy. NOTE: please give permission to manage sharing, so we can sync it with our scheduling platform.

STEp 4:

  • Set up your video lesson room:

    • Go to appear.in/first-last (replace first-last with your first and last name, ex. Appear.in/john-smith).

    • On the page that says the room does not exist, click “sign up for free” to create your room.

    • Enter the confirmation code they send you.

    • Choose “free plan”

    • Create your room as “appear.in/first-last” (replace first-last with your first and last name, ex. Appear.in/john-smith) and click “create my room”

    • Type in appear.in/first-last in your browser (the room you just created) to confirm the room has been created.

    • Email hello@virtu.academy if you have any trouble setting this up.

Please confirm that you have completed the above steps:

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