Virtu.Academy Teacher Guide

Before Your Lesson

  1. Cancelation, No Show Policies and Rescheduling

    24 hours before trial lessons, a confirmation email is sent out to students to confirm they are still able to attend the lesson at the scheduled time. By default, if they do not respond to confirmation emails, the lesson will be canceled 4 hours prior to the lesson start time. 

    The goal of our cancelation policies is to ensure both students and teachers are compensated equally for last-minute cancelations and no-shows. We allow teachers to set their own cancelation policies and ask that you adhere to the same cancelation policies for your students. 

    • If You Cancel or Reschedule Trial Lessons:

      • More than 24 hours in advance: Please email the student and cc us.

      • Fewer than 24 hours but more than before 1 hour prior to the lesson: We ask that you provide a $5 discount to the student’s next paid lesson.

      • Fewer than 1 hour prior to the lesson: We ask that you provide a 50% discount on the student’s next paid lesson.

      • NOTE: Emergencies and other circumstances will be handled on a case-by-case basis. In these cases, we will cover the costs of rescheduling.

    • If a Student Cancels or Reschedules:

      • If the student does not confirm before 4 hours prior to the lesson, the teacher has the right to cancel the lesson. 

      • More than 4 hours prior to the lesson: There will be no charge to the student.

      • Fewer than 4 hours but greater than 1 hour prior to the lesson: We will compensate the teacher $5.

      • Fewer than 1 hour prior to the lesson a no-show: We will pay the teacher 50% of the regular pay. We ask that you wait in the room for 5 minutes after the scheduled lesson time.

  • Canceling or Rescheduling Paid Lessons:

  • If a student needs to cancel or reschedule:

    • Teachers set their own cancelation policy. If a student cancels or reschedules after the cancelation policy, the teacher has the right to charge the student the full price of the lesson. 

  • If a teacher needs to cancel or reschedule: 

    • The teacher’s cancelation policy will also apply to themselves. 

    • If a teacher reschedules or cancels after their own cancelation policy, we ask that they provide a 50% discount on the student’s next paid lesson.

    • If a teacher cancels or reschedules fewer than 1 hour prior to the lesson or does not show up, we ask that they provide a free lesson to the student. 

We have multiple confirmation emails that go out to students starting 24 hours prior to their scheduled lesson to make sure they will show up. By default, if they do not respond to confirmation emails, the lesson will be canceled 4 hours priorto the lesson start time.

2. Lessons on Smartphones and Tablets

In order to access your room on mobile devices, make sure you download the Whereby mobile app (formarly known as Click the original room link in the confirmation email to join your room.

3. Keeping calendar updated

When setting up your profile, you indicated your general hours of availability for each day of the week. This block of time is, by default, available for students to book. 

Any events in the calendar you shared with us (such as work schedules, classes, practice sessions, etc.) will get blocked off in our scheduling software so students can’t book those times. 

It is important to add any events to your calendar as soon as you find out about them. The moment they are added, it updates your available times on the site.

For longer times you will be away (such as a vacation), please email We can enter that into our software to make sure no one can book during those days. 

IMPORTANT: If you make an all-day event, Google will mark you as free, by default. Please ensure all-day events are marked as busy in the event’s settings. You may also email to block off full days. 

4. Lesson Booking Confirmation

When a student books a lesson, you and the student receive an email with the link to your room. The lesson will also appear on the calendar that you shared with us during your setup process. 

Students also have the option to fill out a form to let you know more about their goals. You will receive access to this form from us as soon as it is filled out via email. Students are not required to fill this out.

5. Free Trial Lessons

We offer the first lesson to students free of charge. This is a 30 minute lesson where you can meet the student and discuss their goals. During the onboarding process you indicated how many trial lessons you are willing to teach per week. If this amount changes, simply email us to let us know.

The Benefit: We have a large advertising budget that promotes all teachers to potential students. However, many of these students and parents are skeptical of online lessons. We have experimented with a variety of methods for making students more comfortable with this process and found that over 80% of students that try a free continue to become weekly students. 

6. Subscribers

Students may subscribe for weekly lessons through your scheduling page. They will receive an email each week with instructions to schedule their lesson and a link to your calendar. Be sure to have your students sign up through this link, so we can pay you on time. 

During Your Lesson

  1. Backup room

    If there are problems with your Whereby room, go to this link to access our backup video room: and share the link with your student. Make sure to allow access to your computer’s microphone and camera as directed in your browser. 

  2. Technical tips

    If when joining your Whereby room you cannot see yourself, or cannot see or hear your student, assure that you have allowed your browser on your computer to use your camera and mic. Make sure your student has done so as well if you cannot hear or see them. You can chat in the Whereby room with your student to ask these questions. 

    If the problem persists, check that both you and your student have not disabled the mic and video capabilities in the bottom menu bar in the browser window. If it continues, go to the backup room:

  3. If the backup room does not work, please call (202) 914-5390 or chat with us using the chat button at

    After Your Lesson

  1. Getting Paid

    You will get paid through PayPal every 1st and 15th of each month. Payments will come to the PayPal email address provided during on-boarding. You are paid $30 per hour for each paid lesson. If a student confirms their trial lesson and does not show up, please wait for 5 minutes before leaving the room. You will receive half of the regular pay for this lesson.

  2. Following up After a Free Lesson

    We will email students following their trial lessons with instructions to continue. If you would like to send them a personal email, feel free to send your note to, and we will forward it to the student.